T H E R A P E U T I C   R I D I N G

Instruction involves teaching children & adults with special needs horse care and horseback riding. Horses can give riders who need help with the ordinary tasks of daily living a sense of freedom and independence. Other benefits include but are not limited to: improved self confidence, increased feelings of accomplishment, improved concentration, improved listening and communication skills, improved sensory awareness, development of empathy and patience, improved balance, and motor and social skill development

H O R S E S   F O R   H E R O E S

T.H.E. Center, Inc. is now offering un-mounted Equine Facilitated Growth and Learning classes as well as more traditional horseback riding lessons to post 9/11 Veterans funded through The Wounded Warriors, a nonprofit that offers programs and support services to wounded Vets. Our Horses for Heroes program is designed to help veterans and their families cope with the psychological and physical effects including post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury among other issues. According to the Department of Defense Task Force on Mental Health (2007) this approach has tremendous impact on “maintaining the psychological health, enhancing the resilience, and ensuring the recovery of service members and their families (which) are essential to maintaining a ready and fully capable military force.”

L I F E   S K I L L S   R I D I N G

Life Skills program provides the tools for youth (ages 7-21) to better manage their lives and foster positive relationships. Through partnership with a horse, students learn problem solving, communication, social skills, anger management, positive values, self worth, leadership skills and academic achievement. They also develop a commitment to community, reduce peer dependence and expand life skills. T.H.E. Center, Inc Life Skills curriculum consists of:

• Life skills lessons
• Stable management
• Equine activities
• Horse care and handling
• Basic riding skills

Throughout the session, students engage in making appropriate decisions through cause and effect, which the horses demonstrate in a very concrete manner. Our certified instructors work to provide students with a stimulating, educational and safe experience


Hippotherapy is a widely accepted treatment modality within medical and educational communities, uses horses as natural therapy assistants. Children respond to horses in a positive way that cannot be duplicated in any clinical setting. Medical professionals such as physical, occupational and speech therapists use the movement and temperament of the horse to meet clinical goals in a very unique and fun way. The horses walking gait almost perfectly simulates the movement of a child walking. This provides the perfect opportunity for children with motor deficits to develop muscle strength, normalize tone, and gain endurance. This movement also facilitates improved auditory and verbal processing, communication and interactive skills.

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