Our Programs

Therapeutic Horseback Riding

This program harnesses the healing power of eight dedicated therapy horses (and a lovable therapy donkey) to help children with disabilities and special needs achieve their full potential. Through carefully tailored sessions, these majestic animals become companions in the journey towards improved physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being. Operating for 46 weeks each year on a weekly basis, our programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Students are paired with a horse based on their size, personality, and temperament.  Through the combination of exercises, games, and activities, paired with the rhythmic motion of horseback riding, students strengthen their core muscles, communication skills, balance, motor skills, and much more. Moreover, the bond formed between the children and the therapy animals fosters a sense of trust, confidence, and joy. At T.H.E. Center Inc., the transformative due of compassionate guidance and equine support creates an environment where children with disabilities not only overcome challenges but also discover newfound strength and independence on horseback.

Our program is open to all individuals ages 5 and up with a diagnosis. Tp enroll in our program, email abradshaw@thecenterranch.org

Life Skills Riding Program

In this exceptional program, children (ages 5 and up) embark on a transformative journey of learning valuable life skills while mastering the art of horse riding and comprehensive equine care. Beyond the saddle, children cultivate a sense of responsibility as they care for and bond with their equine companions. Communication skills are honed through the subtle yet powerful interactions between rider and horse, fostering a deep connection that transcends words. Leadership qualities emerge as children take charge of their horse’s well-being, and compassion flourishes as they understand the needs and emotions of their four-legged friends. The Life Skills Riding Program at T.H.E. Center Inc. is not just about riding horses; it’s a holistic experience that shapes young minds, instills confidence, and lays the foundation for a lifetime of essential skills. T.H.E. Center, Inc Life Skills curriculum consists of:

• Life skills lessons
• Stable management
• Equine activities
• Horse care and handling
• Basic riding skills

Program is open to all children (ages 5+) and adults (weight limit of 180 lbs). For students without a diagnosis.

To enroll in our program, email abradshaw@thecenterranch.org 

T.H.E. Volunteer Program

Our volunteer program invites individuals ages 13 and up to become a vital part of our community. This unique program opens doors to a diverse range of experiences, offering hands-on learning opportunities in grooming, tacking, ranch management, horseback riding, and lesson assistance. Whether you’re a teenager seeking new skills, a young adult searching for purpose, or a senior citizen eager to give back and find companionship, our Volunteer Program is designed for everyone. We believe that the spirit of volunteerism transcends age, embracing individuals in all stages of life. It’s more than just lending a helping hand; it’s about building connections, fostering a sense of purpose, and creating a community that thrives on shared experiences. To become a volunteer, email manager@thecenterranch.org

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