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To enroll in our Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program or Life Skills Riding Program please email

Our staff will send our enrollment packet, explain our enrollment process and answer any questions you may have.

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Through the non-judgmental bond a horse naturally offers, our therapy horses help our student increase their confidence and sense of self, allowing them to grow as individuals.


Therapeutic horseback riding lessons help students strengthen core muscles, motor skills, flexibility, balance, and so much more.


Our instructors design individualized lesson plans to ensure each student receives the proper support and help they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to register?

It’s easy!

  1.  Email us at to receive our enrollment packet. Fill it out and email it back to us! If you are unable to email the application back to us, please email us to set up a drop-off appointment time. 
  2. After we receive your completed application, including the signed medical statement from a doctor (last page of student application), we will schedule the Student Evaluation.
  3. During the student evaluation, our Program Director will meet with you to discuss your student’s goals, needs, and lesson placement (private or group). In addition, your student will be paired with their therapy horse. Your lesson recurring lesson date and time will also be decided during your student evaluation.
  4. Show up for your first lesson!
What Type of Services Does your Non-profit Provide?

Our non-profit is dedicated to providing therapeutic horseback riding for individuals with special needs and disabilities.

What does that mean? It means…

  • Each lesson is individualized to provide exercises and activities that will not only engage the individual, but also help them attain goals, physical exercise, and improve various physical and mental abilities.
  • Lessons can be a group or private lesson, and be taught in either our covered arena or on our sensory trail.
  • We also provide on-ground lessons when weather does not permit riding or when a student needs to get used to being around a horse.
How Will this Benefit me/ my child/ my family member?
Therapeutic Horseback Riding has been identified as one of the most beneficial forms of alternative therapy due to the various mental and physical benefits it provides. Therapeutic Horseback Riding helps alleviate various symptoms associated with a broad range of diagnoses.

The non-judgmental bond a horse provides, allows students to improve their self-confidence and communication. In addition, riding will increase motor skills, flexibility, sensory awareness, balance and much more. Our goal with our program is to help students of all abilities reach their full potential.

Can Lesson Tuiton be Covered by Insurance?

Unfortunately, costs of therapeutic horseback riding lessons cannot be covered by insurance.  However, if the cost is a financial hardship on your family, we do have scholarship opportunities available.

To learn more, please email us at

How Long are Lessons?
Lessons run anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the student’s comfort level on the horse.
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