Become a proud foster parent of one of our T.H.E. Center Animals.

You can make a difference in a horse’s life through a $5, $10, $20, or $50 monthly contribution.

Pick your favorite below, and start enjoying the perks of being a proud horse foster parent! All contributions are tax-deductible.

P E R K S   O F   B E I N G   A   H O R S E   F O S T E R   P A R E N T

1 . C H A N G E

As a horse foster parent your monthly contribution is an investment on the families we serve and the lives of the animals who make it all possible. Your donation is helping us continue to change lives of those most in need in our community.

2 . S U P P O R T

Your generosity will cover the cost of feed, shoeing, and vet care for the year! As a thank you, you will  receive a framed copy to display in your home or business.

3 . L E A R N

As a proud foster parent, you will receive invitations to our yearly Foster Parent Days, where you  can visit, feed, and learn about your “adopted” T.H.E. Center resident!

Adopt Dale

Level of Adoption

Adopt Roy

Level of Adoption


Level of Adoption

Adopt Torino

Level of Adoption

Adopt Footsie

Level of Adoption

Adopt Romeo

Level of Adoption

Adopt Twilight

Level of Adoption

Adopt Spanky

Level of Adoption

Adopt Smokey

Level of Adoption

M A K E   A  

G E N E R A L   D O N A T I O N

Make a difference in a horse’s life without the monthly commitment. Feel free to make a general donation to our horses! Every little bit helps us give our horses the amazing life they deserve! Visit our horses by scheduling a tour of T.H.E. Center by calling (951) 658-7790.
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